OPTiX ALL TRIM - Vinyl Rubber Plastic & Leather

OPTiX ALL TRIM - Vinyl Rubber Plastic & Leather

OPTiX ALL TRIM Vinyl Rubber Plastic & Leather restorer and conditioner

Proudly made in Western Australia OPTiX ALL TRIM is quality water based silicone dressing that is great on rubber seals, hoses, tyres, vinyl and plastic interiors or exterior trim.

Apply directly to clean, dry tyres and wheel arch plastic liners.

ALL TRIM is fantastic for all your plastics and rubbers within the engine bay area. We do not recommend applying to vinyl or leather seats. 

ALL TRIM contains silicone and therefore not suitable for panel shops although it is water soluble and easily washes off with any water and any mild soap.

OPTiX ALL TRIM unlike solvent based dressings will not float :) Unlike other products that have been thickened, OPTiX ALL TRIM does not splatter when sprayed on and being thin will coat 10 times better than thickened products. 

How to use it?

Interior and other exterior trim; apply onto your choice of applicator and wipe onto the surface you are wanting to treat.

For a perfect application without any residue, always wipe of lightly buff the treated surface with a microfibre cloth. The more you buff the more natural the finish.

  • For a glossy finish especially on tyres, apply a thick coat and leave.
  • For a semi gloss finish apply with an applicator onto the surface and allow to dry.
  • For a satin/matte finish apply and allow to dry before wiping with a microfibre cloth.

OPTiX ALL TRIM is bottled and packaged here in Perth Western Australia by AutoFX WA. 

Available in

250 ml $19.95 comes with sprayer   

1 litre $39.99 comes with sprayer   

5 litres $79.95