Wet Finish polishing compound

Wet Finish polishing compound

Coming late March to middle of May 2022.

This product is set to please. OPTiX WET FINISH creates a wet gloss during the final stages of polishing. By burnishing the surface with WET FINISH on an OPTiX black foam buffing pad you will create the wettest slickest finish. Remove the faintest holograms, buff marks, and that dreaded marring.  

Estimated retail price is $29.99 for a 500ml bottle. Each bottle of WET FINISH will cover around 20 cars.

Quick Detail? no worries, use WET FINISH for quick pre-wax or pre-coating work letting the WET FINISH do all the work in creating the best possible foundation for you LSP. (last stage product)

WET FINISH is recommended to be used on a machine polisher although it can be used by hand too.