OPTiX Scratch & Swirl polishing compound

OPTiX Scratch & Swirl polishing compound

Coming late March to middle of May 2022.

This product is set to please almost every detailer and enthusiast. 

OPTiX SCRATCH & SWIRL is an ALL-IN-ONE product that polishes to remove fine imperfections whilst adding gloss. Polishing paint or restoring the paint surface from scratches and swirls not only produces a new paint look, it also removes the roughness or oxidation which results in promoting the natural protection from the paint surface. Although OPTiX SCRATCH & SWIRL does not contain or leave behind any form of protection residue like a wax or sealant it will leave the surface squeaky clean, smooth and slick. This makes it harder for dirt and debris to cling, stain or embed. A wax or sealant of some sort should always be applied after polishing to properly protect the surface. SCRATCH & SWIRL will remove all kinds of swirls, buffing holograms, DA haze and strong marring.  

Estimated retail price is $29.99 for each 500ml bottle of WET FINISH will cover up to 8 cars.

Single stage paint correction? no worries, use SCRATCH & SWIRL for a single stage cut and polish/paint correction before waxing or coating work. OPTiX SS does all the work in restoring the paint whilst the diminishing compounds do their thing and allows the user to cut and finish in one stage providing a quicker buffing solution. 

SCRATCH & SWIRL is recommended to be used on a machine polisher although it can be used by hand too. 

SCRATCH & SWIRL is all about a quality product, because quality high performance compounds is crucial to a professional detailer, paint shop or enthusiasts. This is a product made specifically to match the highest standards of what high end professionals need in compounds.