Labelled buckets keeps your 2 bucket wash system tidy starts at $14.99 each

Each OPTiX plastic 15 litre bucket fits a grit guard perfectly.

As you tip the bucket over to drain out the dirty water the grit guard normally falls out, this bucket fits the guard snugly so it stays within all the time and avoids picking up sand from the ground as the grit guard falls out :) 

The 2 Bucket Wash System

The 2 bucket wash system uses 2 buckets, 2 grit guards (1 grit guard for each bucket) and 1 wash board.

Setting up your 2 bucket wash system

You should your RINSE BUCKET set up with 1 grit guard and 1 wash-board connected to each other and inserted into your "RINSE BUCKET". You should have 1 grit guard inserted into your "WASH BUCKET".

Add OPTiX SHAMPOO into your "WASH BUCKET" and fill with water allowing as much suds to form by filling with your OPTiX Hose Sprayer set on any spraying setting that allows a higher pressure which promotes better foam. Fill your "RINSE BUCKET" with clean water ONLY. You may add a little OPTiX SHAMPOO into your rinse bucket but it is not necessary.

The 2 bucket wash system cycle

1) Dip your wash mitt, wash pad or sponge into the clean wash bucket and then starting washing a panel.

2) Rinse your dirty wash mitt into the "RINSE BUCKET" rubbing your mitt against the wash-board then lightly wring out your wash mitt/wash pad

3) Repeat step 1 followed by step and repeat until the vehicle is clean and rinse the entire vehicle with clean water.


We can not stress the importance that you insert a grit guard into your wheel  bucket. A detailer may have over 10 different brush, woollies and other types of cleaning tools just for cleaning wheels and wheel arches. All these tools become saturated in water and chemical. Proper drainage and aeration of these brushes/tools is imperative for the longevity of these accessories that cost a bit of money to replace. 

If you intend on filling the "WHEEL BUCKET" with water and soap when cleaning wheels then the grit guard will stop your wheel woollies and brushes from sitting at the bottom of the bucket with all that muck and grime.

For storage you should clean and dry your "WHEEL BUCKET" storing your clean wheel tools in the bucket. It is best not to seal the bucket so that the tools/bucket gets adequate aeration.