OPTiX Candy RUSH will remind you of your childhood buying little bags of lollies. Strawberry musk stick, jelly babies and red candy.


This product is made in Perth with cosmetic grade essential oils, emulsifiers and water. 

How to use it,

  • Always shake first before use
  • Using a fine mist sprayer, use around 3 to 5 mists onto the carpet and fabrics

Bottles and the labels are made in Australia, the ingredients are 100% sourced locally and made here in Perth.

Mist a couple sprays onto the carpet or fabrics to enjoy the yummy strawberry musk sticks

Question. How often should I apply air freshener? Answer. As you need it, from to a couple times per week and depends on the amount of use. 

Note our labels are applied on by hand individually and one of our staff Ben is legally blind and may be not be all 100% straight.