OPTiX BLACK 600GSM microfibre drying towel

OPTiX BLACK 600GSM microfibre drying towel

Coral Fleece BLACK 600GSM microfibre drying towel. Chosen for its softness and silk like feel. The sporty red trim coupled with the velvet look sets off a great impression.

  • Microfibre, non-abrasive design that won't scratch surfaces, paints, or clear coats.
  • Can be washed & reused many times 
  • Plush, super-duper soft microfiber water guzzler 
  • Great quality at great value

 Price is $19.99

Our recommendation is to buy 2 so that you never have to wring out :)

Use the first 1 or 2 OPTiX towels to absorb most of the water and put them away to dry. Using the last dry  OPTiX Drying Towel simply wipe up the left over water and drips to get the best finish without those dreaded "chamois marks" 

For best results use a combination of this OPTiX BLACK 600GSM drying towel with the OPTiX Twisted Loop drying towel.

**Please wash these towels before use**