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Car paint protection in Perth with Optix Nano Technologies

Why Choose Optix Nano Technologies?

Optix Nano technologies is a brand that promises premium quality car paint protection products. Steeped in the knowledge of industry dynamics and global standards, it was founded to add intrinsic value to your investment through providing the tried and tested products that ensure quality results. We started off with an aim to bring excellence in the car care industry and we aim to operate in a focused way to achieve our goal sooner.

Our Team, Our Strength

We are fortunate to have a group of hardworking, focused and qualified individuals who work hard at every level to bring to you the quality products we could take pride in.

Our Mission Keeps Us Focused

We at Optix Nano Technologies are focused to make a mark in the car care industry. Our mission is:
“To bring high quality and technologically advanced car paint protection coating products within the reach of our valued customers at competitive prices.”

Our Product is our Pride

Our technologically advanced products are tested and packaged under strict guard to ensure the safety and standard of our products.

Source and Packaging

We are proud to state that Optix coatings are sourced overseas from Japan but fully tested, bottled and labeled here in Australia. This helps us filter only the genuine products that may deliver valuable results. Our products meet the standard packaging requirements.

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Real World Results - More about OPTIX

  • Why your car needs crystal glass coating protection?

    The primary purpose of OPTIX glass coating is to act as a sacrificial barrier coating over the surface of your car’s paint. Any time anything comes into contact with your car’s paint, before it can cause any damage to the paint, it first has to get past the layers of glass coating. When your car’s […]

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  • Range Rover by WestCar Detailing

    Watch the feature video here Range Rover coated in OPTiX OP888 V2 by Oli Jeanes at WestCar Detailing Perth WA 🛡 PAINT PROTECTION 🛡 Brand new Range Rover Sport Supercharged treated with and Optix OP1V2 Hybrid ceramic coating. 🇦🇺 Australian owned ⚔ Scratch resistant ✨ High gloss 💦 Superior water beading 🛁 Self cleaning Be […]

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  • CV8 by Daniel, Victoria – OP888 V2

    "Had some fun detailing Michael's already immaculate Monaro this weekend. Full paint correction and protected for years to come with Optix Nano Techonologies glass coating" - share from customer 's instrgram

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  • SiO2 Coatings. Ceramic vs Glass vs Quartz

    Many of us from professional installers, hobbyists and general consumers get confused when it comes to the array of SiO2 coatings avaible today. So here is a quick easy to understand word from the technical department. There are many kinds of Si raw materials, and the application range is very wide. Some Si can be […]

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  • OPTIX V2 Professional

    Welcome to OPTIX V2 Professional news update.   OPTIX OP888 V2& OP1 V2 paint protection are professional only installed coatings, why? Unlike the original OP888 & OP1 which are designed for DIY or beginner professionals, the V2 coatings are the equivalent of super glue! If you do do install any part of the coating and […]

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  • BMW M3 – OP1

    BMW M3 – OPTIX FINAL POLISH & OP1  Paint correction using 3M Perfect #1 to level the deep scratches before refining the paint work to a glossy finish using OPTIX FINAL POLISH. FINAL POLISH finishes paint work to an amazing swirl and hologram free shine and a jaw dropping gloss. FINAL POLISH is silicone free […]

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  • WRX – OPTIX OP1 

    Fresh custom paintwork on the WRX bug eye.  Firstly polished with 50mls OPTIX FINAL POLISH, alcohol wiped before the careful application of  Glass Coating.  Work performed by Des and student John.  OPTIX training starts at $400

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  • AMG C63 S Ed 1 #2

    Great news, our 2nd C63 Edition One treated with OPTIX OP888.  Owner Anish is very satisfied with OPTIX OP888.  Work was done by AUTOFX WA  The next picture shows the finished result of OP888 applied to the SunTek PPF-M

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  • What car wash? 

    What car wash should I use with my OPTIX Coatings? Washing your coating. So far I have found the best car wash that works to compliment the coating is Chemical Guys VO7 car wash. VO7 is gentle, really affordable and really adds shine. I do have an OPTIX car wash which is a completely different technology of […]

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  • How to win a Car Show

    ​How to win a car club show and shine like John owner of this classic 5 Series. Yes there’s  is the obvious checks,  repairs and replacement of mechanical, panel and paint and interior but it isn’t enough to win if it isn’t really clean, detailed or well polished. Ask for a copy of the judging […]

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  • Brand new Mustang GT with OP1

    Here’s a brand new FORD Mustang GT done for Peter Gardin from Morley Western Australia. Work was carried out by AUTOFX WA unit 5 14 Vuclan Road Canning Vale WA 6155 The Mustang came in with less than 100kms on the clock. After washing we discovered a few scratches on the bonnet and boot lid. […]

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